About SAV=E®

SAV=E® is marketed and sold by SAV-E Control AB

SAV-E Control AB (former MVM konsult AB) has 35 years of experience from environmentally oriented technical development of industrial production, e.g. by developing water and wastewater treatment techniques for the dairy industry and other process industries.
SAV=E® is developed by SAV-E Control AB (MVM konsult AB) and patented in Sweden since 2003 and in the US since 2011. A patent is also applied for in 16 European countries through the European Patent Office (EPO).
SAV=E® is an easily installed system with on line presentation of measuring results.
The SAV=E®-system includes an air-release unit (Trille™) and a calculation programme (TrillControl™).

SAV=E® is used for:

  • Analyzing of wash-out and cleaning process efficiency regarding product utilization (amount lost to rinse tank/sewer), water consumption and consumption cleaning solutions (lie, acid, dis-infection) in dairy and similar production processes, with
    • Presentation of where and when product losses occur
    • Presentation of the product loss quantities as well as the consumed amount of water and cleaning solutions
    • Evaluation of what the analyses results mean
    • Presentation of process optimization measures.
  • Verification of results after implementing process optimization measures
  • Quality securing measures of wash-out and cleaning processes in dairy and similar production processes
With the use of SAV=E® it is possible to present imperfection and deficiency data about the various cleaning objects as well as a reliable presentation of product loss quantities, water consumption and consumption of cleaning solutions directly after each completed cleaning sequence.
SAV=E® shows how much each cleaning object contributes to the product losses, water consumption and consumption of cleaning solutions.
SAV=E® also provides data about the distribution of product losses to the rinse tank and to the sewer respectively. The water consumption figures are presented in a similar way, in-cluding the amount of water containing no product, i.e. containing only clean water.
In other words by the use of SAV=E® any imperfections that may occur in the cleaning processes shall easily be detected for quick remediation.

In summary the use of SAV=E® in dairy and similar production processes will lead to the following:

  • Less product losses
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Reduced consumption of cleaning solutions
  • Reduced negative environmental influence
  • Improved product quality
  • with improved production process output and thereby improved production economy.

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